Khamis, 25 Februari 2010

Didi Benami Di American Idol

Haha. I don't know la if you guys watching American Idol Season 9 or not, but, she is my favourite in this competition! Ya. Fuhhh... I'm fallin' for her since her audition. She has a raw voice. During her Hollywood week, she sang a song called Terrified which was written by Kara DioGuardi. Ya. One of the judges. Plus, lagu Terrified ni ada dalam album terbaru Katharine McPhee, Unbroken. Ya. Katharine McPhee recorded this song for her album. And Kara DioGuardi also sang this song. You guys can check that on YouTube. But, Didi Benami ni nyanyi paling best la lagu Terrified tu. Ya. Sangat best. Check this video below.

By the way, I hope she will not voted out. She's a great singer. I hope she'll make it to the Top 12. Or I hope she wins American Idol Season 9. Boleh? Kalau la aku boleh undi. Kan kan kan? Oh. About her performance during the top 12 girls night. I love her. But Simon not. He said that Didi Benami's performance tu forgettable. Ya. He said no one's gonna remember that. But, I do remember her. So? You are wrong Simon! Haha. Okay. Good luck to Didi Benami!

p/s: Haha. Okay. The guys will be performed by next week. i don't know which one I'll root for. Hehe.

6 ulasan:

  1. canteeeekkkkkk


    da buat review pasal contest
    nantikan pengumuman

  2. hi

    i love her but I terpaksa agree with simon that she choose the wrong song

    forgettable performance..

    p/s for the guys, maybe I pay attention more on the 2nd Archuletta, Aaron, and that Asian guy

  3. joey:
    but her voice is not forgettable.
    the song, i agreed.
    i love that asian guy also.

  4. best suara dia..dn c dia sngt comel..;))

  5. my fav contestant nih.. cute gile die ni.. u go girl.. ~~huhu..


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